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Taking on a construction site

Week 1

This is my interior diary where I will take you with me, on my journey of taking on a construction site in the heart of Basel Switzerland and transforming this space into a warm and welcoming semi-private space (learn more about what a semi-private spaces in my blog post Know your space, create the right atmosphere – Part 5).


Opportunity or challenge?

Opportunities come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. My opportunities came a few weeks ago in the shape of a 800 m2 semi-private interior project. Needless to say, not just have I never done a commercial space before, I definitely never have done a space larger than 100 m2. Question is, will this be an opportunity or is it actually going to be a huge challenge? Well, hopefully, it will be both.


Interior diaries ZWEI design commercial space, industrial design


Life has taught me so far, that no growth comes without its challenges. And no success comes without growth.


Let’s start the project.

This project started a few weeks ago and I pretty much had to jump right in since we had a timeline of only 6 months. The building I’m working with used to be a pretty ordainer tile store in the industrial part of Basel. Its layout and materials are typical industrial concrete, brickwork, ugly carpets and its atmosphere is cold and dingy. How in the world will I be able to make this into a warm and welcoming space?

This week I want to give you an overview of the project and I will talk about the use and the client a little bit more next week. The space is very large and so far only consists out of 3 major spaces with a few partitions walls.

To get a feel for the space, I’ve put together a small collage of some of the photos I took at my first tour.


Interior diaries ZWEI design commercial space, industrial design


Interior diaries ZWEI design commercial space, industrial design


How you can see, I have my work cut out for me.

I am, however, very excited to get started and to transform this space into something special which will serve the people working and spending time in it best.

See you next week


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