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A love for design

There is an easy reasone to why we started Zwei. It’s because we LOVE DESIGN! We can’t help it, creating objects, and sharing our aesthetic makes us happy!

Our Vision

Of course there also is a more complex idea behind ZWEI. We don’t believe that design should be exclusive–it should be accessible. As a young married couple, both fresh out of college, money is always an issue. There is nothing, both more inspiring and frustrating, than walking into Vitra and seeing all the beautiful designs being created and then to see the price tag. We are not saying design should not have its price, but we also long for objects that inspire us without having a price tag that looks like our paycheck 🙂 This is why we started ZWEI. A design studio that creates objects for our generation: young professionals furnituring their first home. Those who want to say goodbye to their college IKEA room and are not ready for Vitra, Fritz Hansen etc yet. We want to design for us!

Design for us

Design was never meant only for the elite or the few. Design started out simply as craftsmanship. People who loved to create and loved what they did. People who were skilled, passionate and wanted to created pieces with love and a purpose. The first modern design movement probably started at the Bauhaus. The Bauhaus School of Design aimed to create pieces that could be mass produced and were accessible for everyone. The original idea of modern design did not exclude the masse, but rather designed for them. We at ZWEI want to go back to this type of design. We want to design for people who see value in our work. We want the create pieces that are beautiful and affordable for everyone. We want to bring beauty and joy into homes.

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