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Working with concrete

Material aspects of concrete within our designs

I actually never meant to work with concrete. It is not a material I am necessarily drawn to. I do like concrete in architecture, but as part of an interior objects I used to be quite careful with using this material. It is clean, sleek quite cold and  very versatile, so it has great characteristic when attentional used and in combination with other materials. But as main material….I was not so sure about it.

Since I do have an experimental side, like most designer, I started to play around with concrete. Starting with createing prototypes of products which later were supposed to be produced in other materials like marble or wood. Inspired by the material I started to change the surface texture of the concrete to create natural looking textures like stone and wood grains.

concrete vase zwei-design.com


Since I love marble I started to pour acrylic paint into the pre mixed concrete to create a marble texture. This technique turned out to be beautiful! The acryl paint and the concrete have quite different materialistic appearances and don’t really mix, the surface as well as the visual appearance turned out beautifly!

concrete vase zwei-design.com img_7932 concrete vase & Plate zwei-design.com img_7702

To not just take concrete for what it is and being experimental with it actually changed my opinion of it. I’m excited to see what else this material can be manipulated with and turned into!



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