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After a week at our ZWEI Design pop-up studio

It already has been a week at our ZWEI Design pop-up studio!

I still can’t believe we made it! We are in our ZWEI Design pop-up studio and are loving it!


Michael and I officially started ZWEI Design in March this year! The past year has been a constant effort of building up a company. Ensuring we obey all German regulations and laws, getting our name out there into the design world, finding a design- and company-strategies that both Michael and I can stand behind and of course (no so much of struggle there) designing and producing our first ZWEI Home Collection. We have learned so much and gone through a view hickups! The journey of the past year makes this studio opening so much more special to us.


Being able to present something to the world you worked so hard for and does reflect a very personal and creative part of yourself is truly a gift to us! We feel so blessed to be able to share our designs with people in the real world!


About last Week!

Honestly, the best thing about the past days has been the opportunity to open the door to our own space whenever we like! Michael and I both still have a regular day job. Being able to stop by our studio, after a long day at “normal” work and just to sit in our space and look at it all – is simply amazing!


Candleholder and coat disc by ZWEI Design | Big knit pillow by Panapufa


Interacting with our clients

We love to interact with people that get to know our products. Since we mainly operate online we don’t get direct feedback often! Seeing people interacting with our object really helps us to better, and understand our products better. Even though all of our products were created out of very personal needs or desires, by the end they are made for our clients. Seeing what they like and hearing their feedback is what this pop-up studio is all about!

We’ve just started our brand and getting the chance to present our work in a very personal way to a brought audience is a huge step for us!


Come visit us! We would love to get to know you!

We are open every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from 11am-19pm or contact us to make an appointment!


Unterschrift Love Talitha

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