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living room interior modern clean Scandinavian design interior living room Ikea sofa

A starter home with a calming and cozy Scandinavian interior

We just completed our first full remodel and interior design project, YAY! We had the pleasure to work with the best first client you can wish for, uncomplicated, trusting and open to our ideas!

The transition from “having” to “living” in a home

Our clients were (and still are 🙂 ) a young couple about to be married, buying their first “real” home together. I remember that phase in Michael’s and my life very well – what a special time it was. That feeling of becoming an adult, growing up, forming an identity and creating habits and routines together. I believe that the places we live in are crucial to the way we develop and form habits, and of course on how we feel and connect to the feeling of home.

During this time, where we want to slow down our teenage and young adult years and settle down, there is nothing more important than to have a place you want to come home to. A place you want to spend time and are able to create relationships and entertain in new ways.

Our main goal for this interior was to create exactly that, a foundation for our clients to grow into. A home to form and create their habits together and find new ways of connecting and entertaining.

Their Interior Wishlist

The big thing for our clients was comfort and feeling cozy in their new home. They really did not spend much time at home before because these feelings were lacking. They also do not eat and cook much at home, so the kitchen space was to be kept simple for basic preparation work. Other than that. they were looking for an open light and minimal space, with elements that would reflect both a masculine and feminine interior.

From Ugly to Lovely (the before)

Starter home bevor interior by zwei design

We started off with a quite interesting floorpan we had to work with a half-circle living room, a chopped up hallway and kitchen area and an interesting mix of materials raging from dark wood cladding to concrete pillars.

Our clients were open to change the layout and adding new textures and materials. We took out a few walls to allow light to travel through the apartment and created a light and warm atmosphere by adding a light, warmly toned parquet and using the existing texture from the, previously ugly, wall paneling.

bedroom interior light wood minimal table lamp

Lighting it up

We wanted to keep the space open and airy. Luckily our clients understood the importance to spend their budget where it matters most. We invested into the most beautiful parquet flooring which immediately transformed the space and gave it a solid, warm and inviting base atmosphere. As a second layer, we tried to focus on functionality. Bringing in objects and furniture pieces that would be both functional and visually address their needs. For the last layer of our design, we took a closer look at some special pieces our clients had that would add character into their space. Like a beautiful vintage chandelier.

The Entryway

We kept the living, dining and kitchen area open, light and warm. For the bedroom, we went for a darker, cosier and slightly industrial feel. This decision was influenced by the existing bed of our clients. This bed was HUGE and black; almost too big and bulky for the new (or any German) bedroom. Since the bed was black we choose to paint the bedroom wall black as well, allowing the bed to disappear and become one with the wall. Because we had to work with this piece of furniture, we allowed ourselves to be guided by it in make some of our interior decisions. Our tipp: if you have to work with existing furniture, never try to create an interior the furniture was not meant to be in. Try instead to work with the furniture and create a space around it that you think will make it fit best.

The Living Room


Kitchen and Dining Room

The Bathroom (with a vintage chandelier)


luxury bathroom chandelier grey tile

The Bedroom


The Dressing Room

light wood interior dressing room bohemian interior

All in all, we loved this project. What a honour to create this special home for someone!

Unterschrift Love Talitha

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