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A ZWEI Design kind of christmas

Christmas a little bit all over the place

Advent Wreath Christmas Decor skinny candles by ZWEI Design banner image

I love the Christmas season, with all its beautiful decor, music and smells. Christmas is such a sensual holiday where all my senses are stimulated. I love this time of the year! The wold is covered in a white blanket, family and traditions are celebrated and I have an excuse to spend some extra time on decoration and crafts.


Finding time for the things we enjoy this Christmas season

However, this Christmas season feels quite different than usual. We opened our Pop-Up store, are swamped with work and somehow simply did not find time to even decorate our home. Silly as it sounds, but this really put me in a blues… I hate whenever priorities change and I start to ignore the things that mean a lot to me. This Season has been a good lesson to remember what Michael and my priorities are. Remembering, that we have the power to slow down and take the time to focus a little bit more on the things that are important to us. Things like family, our home and moments of calm enjoyment. I know that sounds kind of cheesy but it is the truth. We all know how crazy busy life can be. And I think it is so important to remember that we have the right to slow down once in a while.


Less is more this year

ZWEI Design tiny christmas tree

Michael and I took a day off, where we decorated, not as much as usual, but enough to get into the Christmas spirit while listening to Frank Sinatra & Nat King Cole :). It was a really good feeling to have no To-Dos other than to do something we really enjoy doing together! This year we probably have the smallest Christmas tree you can have. Since we do have our studio decorated for Christmas and simply not that much time, this felt like the right amount of Christmas decor for this year! Now writing this Blog post is realize that we actually created a mini version of our Studio Christmas decoration at home:)
Brass Candy Cane large by ZWEI Design christmas decoration main image Brass Christmas Ornament up close in Tree by ZWEI Design minimal scandinavian christmas decoartion chrostmas tree by ZWEI Design minimal scandinavian christmas decoartion chrostmas tree by ZWEI Design
This Christmas I wish you all, that you find moments of enjoyment knowing that you deserve to slow down and celebrate the things that are important to you and make you happy!
Unterschrift Love Talitha

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