Wie die Meisten liebe ich echte Design Objekte und Möbel. Da viele von uns jedoch ein begrenzted Budget haben, zeige ich euch hier eine vielzahl and Originalen Design Objekten und günstigeren Alternativen. Findet eure Lieblingsstücke und kombiniert sie mit günstigeren Alternativen für euer Design Interior.

Ollie Sofa_urban outfitters home furniture design blush sofa via ZWEI Design

Ollie Sofa by Urban Outfitters home

A blush sofa gem   I have to say I was very surprised seeing this beautiful Ollie sofa at the current Urban Outfitters Home collection. I immediately was drawn to the light and airy wire frame paired with the warm and soft color and material choice they used for the covering.   A mix of styles all in one beautiful Sofa This sofa combines a few strong design styles like the modern and clean lines of...

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Marbled Christmas cookie recipe

Love your neighbors. Michael and I live in a 7 apartment complex. It definitely is not typical here in Germany to know or even be friends with your neighbors. Somehow it seems almost unnatural to allow the people you live with in the same building to be part of your life. Michael and I moved into our current apartment right after we got married. I was 23 at the time and moved from my parents home into...

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Minimal magazine holder DIY

Magazine holder DIY KINFOLK, CEREAL, MY RESIDENCE all the stunning editorial design magazine have started a real Magazine displaying trend. I'm guilty of buying magazines for their covers as well. Gladly, with most of these design magazines, the content matches the beauty of the exterior. Displaying magazines has become a part of interior stylings like using candles, pillows or pictures. This trend led me to think about a fun and easy way...

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How to choose the right color for your interior

Find the right interior color Picking out the right color is probably one of the hardest choices when it comes to Interior Design. I myself have faced that challenge for many years. There always has been that slight fear to make a wrong decision when it comes to picking out a color scheme for our interior. The challenge was to choose a color that both, looks good and we would like for...

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The Art of Ikebana

A minimal way of arranging flowers Some of you may already know what the meaning of this Japanese word is. For those who don't, i promise after reading this blog post you will:) personally, I actually have only come across this word and its meaning a few months ago... which now that I know about it is quite surprising to me:)   So what is Ikebana? Ikebana is an old Japanese art of creating flower arrangement. The origin of...

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5 Interior tips to create a successful Airbnb interior

Make some money with your Airbnb interior Airbnb and rental units a popping up left and right! It has never been that easy to make some extra money with the space available to most of us. The range of interiors available reach from spare bedrooms to entire Homes. The space you are willing to share is the limit. I was surprised whenever if learned how some clever homeowners are able to make...

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Living room close up sofa air bnb interior by ZWEI Design

Ferienwohnung Renovation mit nur 1000 Euro

Airbnb und Ferienwohnungen liegen im Trend Der Airbnb Trend hat nun auch Europa und im besonderen Deutschland erreicht. Viele sehen in dem Vermieten von Zimmern oder sogar Wohnungen eine willkommene zweite Einnahmequelle. Je nach Lage, Größe und Ausstattung können mehrere 100 Euro pro Nacht eingenommen werden. Wer einige Dinge beachtet und sich and gestalterische so wie funktionale Regeln hält, kann auch mit einem kleinen Budget eine richtige Ferien-Raum-Oase schaffen.     Was man mit 1000...

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Black and white tile grid furniture and accessoires we love

It's all about the grid I am loving the black and white tile look. Whether it is intentionally used in a bathroom or kitchen for a graphic and clean look or as a design element in furniture and accessories, this grid pattern really stands out.     With this trend, you can go big or small. Add a grid pillow from our own ZWEI HOME collection to your bedroom or couch. Be creative and...

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