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Ewelina Makosa

Ewelina Makosa via

Ewelina Makosa is an Interior designer and artist, whose beautiful soft and harmonious esthetic immediately spoke to me. She has a unique approach to space color and shape and is a master of using these qualities within her interior designs as well as paintings. Together with her partner Jan Garncarek founder of Kokora, she embraces design in every way, and is not afraid to test out the unknown and refine her design skills and aesthetic.

I was able to ask Ewelina a few questions trough which she gave me a better understanding about her work, her design aesthetic and philosophy.



Hallo Ewelina, tell me about your background

“In 2012 I graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw faculty – Interior Design where I was able to graduate as one of the top students. I worked in the Milan Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Barcelona Interior Design Architecture Studio Sara Folch and Gisbert Poppler Innen Architektur in Berlin. Where I gained invaluable experience as an interior designer. Nowadays I am pursuing a PhD degree in the New Media Art Department of the Academy of Fine Arts and in the study of Painting Space.”


What does your Design stand for?

“Ever since 2010, when I started designing interiors on my own, I put my clients first and made sure, that they are connected with the projects and feel completed through their newly designed spaces.
As an artist I am fascinated with the beauty of the design, which allows me to create original Artworks for my interior design projects, that speaks to the owner of that space. My creations are stylistically harmonious and refined in every detail, they combine both the modern and classical approach. I want every project to be aesthetic unique and meticulous in detail.


I have been working in Warsaw and since a year also in Berlin.”


What do you want to achieve with your brand?

“My aim is to work on very individual interior design projects for clients who are aware of design and art and are not afraid to live in unique spaces. I enjoy creating spaces that surprise with their beauty and are far from what we perceive as common.


Together with my partner Jan Garncarek I also am part of Kokora.  Together we want to focus on developing our brands, where most of the pieces we create are custom designed and each piece is unique. We support, inspire and complement each other in the design process.”


Where do you find your inspirations?

“I find my inspirations during travelling and working on artistic projects. Being a painter and creating a big size paintings, which often overcome the borders of the frame, makes me to be more aware of space and colour. Art makes me more sensitive in the way I perceive the surrounding environment and peoples needs.”


Can you describe your design style?

“My creations are stylistically harmonious and refined in every detail. My aesthetic has both, an modern and classical approach. I look at every project in a way, that it can be aesthetically unique. I want my work to be able to speak for itself through the attention to detail that I put into every decision. Light, color, and textures are the element of my projects that make the spaces resonate with us positively, become bigger and allows us to breath within a space.”

Interior by Ewelina Makosa via  


What’s your philosophy?

“My process of designing is the state of researching, discovering and being curious, making insightful observations and drawing sensible conclusions. All this, helps me to create beautiful and romantic spaces, where everyone is pleased to come back and experience the tranquilizing and calming atmosphere. Combining the new with the old.”


What is your favorite Material?

“I love using genuine materials such as stone and wood.”


Whom are you designing for?

“I create for people who are or want to be more aware of space and those that are looking for a change in their life. I often say: Life is short, let’s live it in an unique way”


What designs are you going to focus on next?

“I will proceed with a terrace project of 300 square meter in Poland. It will be a modern design, strongly connected with nature, where the main materials are wood and concrete.”


Thank you so much Ewelina for sharing your passion for art and design with me. I love the way you see space and understand the deep connection we as humans have with the space surrounding us!


To see more of Ewelinas work go to












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