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Home atmosphere

Our expectation towards Atmosphere

What is our expectation towards Atmosphere?

When we buy a house we wanted the house to make us feel at home. If it doesn’t feel „right“ we might decide against it. When we enter a hospital or a Spa we expect it to feel clean, calm, organized and healthy. When we enter a hospital or a Spa we expect it to feel clean, calm, organized and healthy. In an Office building, we expect order, structure, focus and a functional environment. And how would you like to drink your cup of coffee? Would you prefer a cozy Armchair or a hard plastic chair? You get the idea!

The more we pay attention towards atmosphere, the more we will learn that atmosphere is the answer to the expectations we have towards a room. As an interior designer we can use atmosphere to start communicating within or trough a space.


How can space communicate?

Space can express individuality or solidarity with others. It can indicate our values, lifestyles, idealism or dislikes. It can generate feelings of excitement as in fun-parks or movie-theaters. Calmness as found in spas or libraries. Creativeness as in art-centers and schools. Openness like in public halls or parks. Cleanness as found in hospitals and Spas. Narrowness as found in a prison. Or scariness like in an old run down building or thigh and dark alleyway.

We can use space to bring people together or keep them apart. Through space, we can communicate acceptable behaviors and rules. This form of communication is essential in school, prisons, airports or hospitals (actually everywhere). We become part of a space depending on what it is tiring to communicating and how we interact with the given information. The natural form of answering a spaces communication is trough our behavior! If we are in an open, friendly, clear layout room in which we understand the values and rules of the spaces, we are more likely to behave accordingly. We are able to adjust and have a feeling of acceptance. Often our expected behavior in space

Often our expected behavior within a space is linked to some particular purpose. A purpose such as shopping, playing, sports, working, relaxing or simply moving from room to room. No matter what we want to do in a space, we have to be able to understand the structure, rules, and ways the space wants us to achieve its meant purpose. All of this links back to the understanding, that the language of space is atmosphere. But how do we create the right atmosphere? In our next post I want to map out the influences and options we have when creating a space and purposeful

The only way we can create the right atmosphere for within a space, is by understanding the rules of design as a visual language. For more inside in the language of design check out my blogpost

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