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Clever by Architectural Digest – How to Fit a Christmas Tree Into Your Tiny Living Room

In Interview: How to Fit a Christmas Tree Into Your Tiny Living Room

Michael and I are so excited to share our interview with Clever by Architectural Digest. In the interview you will get a better impression of us, why we decided to skip the traditional Christmas Tree this year and, perhaps best of all, a DIY on how to recreate our new interpretation of a Christmas tree.

Published by Kelly Dawson on 04 December 2018 for Clever by Architectural Digest

Hang your Christmas tree from your ceiling this year

Talitha and Michael Bainbridge, the designers behind ZWEI Design, are used to making compromises—at work and at home. Before they were a couple, they were raised in different parts of the world—Talitha in Southern Germany and Michael in the American Midwest—and those backgrounds came with varying traditions. Take Christmas, for instance. Michael grew up with a fake tree, but it was typical for Talitha to have a real one. “As a German and American couple, we were actually surprised at our differences when it came to decorating for Christmas,” Talitha says. “I would never put an artificial tree in my home for Christmas. For me it’s either a real Christmas tree or no Christmas tree at all.”

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