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Fall mood featuring the Togo Sofa from Ligne Roset, Geometric Pillows from ZWEI Design, Basket from Lumikelo and Portrait G from Gorilla Art.

In the mood for fall

A change in season, light and color

Slowly but surely we are entering autumn. Its this crazy time of the year where in the morning and the evening I’ll make myself a hot-water-bottle and a cup of tea but during the day I’ll walk around in a light dress or t-shirt.

I do love this season where the sun has a much warmer glow. And I get inspired by the calm and mystical morning mist hanging over the fields on my way to work. The change from lush green tones in the leaves and grass is slowly fading away and rustic and powdery red and brown tones are taking its place.

Close up green Togo and flower arrangement

Whenever I see this change in light and color I also long for a cosier and natural interior.

Lighting a candle, the hot steam rising from a cup of tea, natural linen pillows and dark and heavy green and brown tones are finding their way into our home.

Stand-up Candle Holder Brass with light grey candle

I’m absolutely in love with the combination of brass and green. Eva, the founder and maker of Lumikello, custom made this basket for us to fit perfectly to our green velvet Togo sofa, and I love it! Its the perfect size to store books or other nick-nacks in. However, the best thing about the Lumikello product line is, that all her Products are handmade from recycled T-shirts fabric. This is the beauty of upcycling, How from something old, something so beautifully new can be created!

If you are as ready for fall as I am, make sure to stop by our Stand-up collection to make this time of the year even cozier!

Unterschrift Love Talitha

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