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Jan Garncarek Kokora via


Kokora, inspired by the past crafted for the now.Jan+Garncarek via

I came across the work by Jan Garncarek (founder of Kokora)  a couple of weeks ago and immediately fell in love with his work and design aesthetic.
The first piece of work I got to know from Kokora was the Metropolis lamp. Stylistically and formwise I hadn’t seen a lamp like this before! I got even more excited whenever I had the chance to get to know Jan and his beautiful partner Ewelina and was able to ask them some questions:



Hello Jan, tell me a little bit about your background

“In 2013 I graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw faculty – Design.

I also gained extra qualifications at Politecnico di Milano in Italy. I have acquired professional experience in the Design Society in Warsaw. Right now I am based in Berlin and Warsaw, where I create my objects.
What inspires me nowadays to create for Kokora are inter alia designs of spanish interior architect – Lazaro Rosa Violan for his ability to mix the new with the old.”


What does your brand stand for?

“Jan Garncarek (Kokora) designs are the products which are made in a nonindustrial way. We produce small series, largely based on artisan work. The individual approach to each item guarantees its high quality. I use the best finishing materials and I also take care of every detail.”


What do you want to achieve with your brand?

“I want to create a collection of unusual, beautiful objects, which will show my individual aspect of designing. For me, it is important to create objects between sculpture and product design. I consider them as art objects. I look for the valu quality in design synonymous with art, because it lets us see things in a wider context, detached from reality, in an more abstract way.”


Where do you find your inspirations?

“My main inspirations are the materials I work with and also the quality which I find in pre-war design. I like to observe old architecture, antiques and designs. I enjoy visiting flea markets all over Europe, where I find unusual objects and design solutions. Based

on it I give my objects meticulous quality together with minimalistic taste.”


What is Kokoras style?

“The clash of modernity with the tradition, defines my thinking about contemporary design, set in their own recognized identity.”


What’s your philosophy?          

“My design philosophy is to support professions like hand metal spinning and using other traditional methods of metal working which fade into obscurity.

My process of designing is the state of researching, discovering and being curious, making insightful observations and drawing sensible conclusions.”


What is your favorite Material?

“Brass for its nobility.”


Whom are your objects made for?

“I create for people who expect something more from design than common forms.

I create short series of lamps, each numbered. For me it is important, that each piece is special and hand crafted.”


What object are you going to focus on next?

“I plan to evolve new forms as far as lightning design is concerned exclusively designed for Bazar Noir Berlin.”

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our Questions. I am looking forward to see your beautiful creations and how you morph the old, the new and the art of making into unseen and inspiring shapes and forms.










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