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Close up picture of the Interior Hoch 2 special edition Stand-up Candle Holder by ZWEI Design on the Vitra Metal Side Table next to the Thonet 209 Bent wood chair. By ZWEI Design.

Light wood, ceramic and foraged flower arrangements

This blog post is dedicated to a brief history of time. Looking back on how my love for foraged flowers, an 30-Year-old Thonet 209 chair and 6 Years of marriage all came together at one point.

Michal and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on September the 8th. Celebrating our anniversary is something Michael and I have not been the best at. Our last 5 Anniversaries where, how can I put this…. somewhat “non-existing.” Somehow every year we didn’t do a good job planing it, or something else came up which prevented us from celebrating. Michael and I are also not the most dedicated gift givers, but we do try to always show appreciation by giving intentional gifts. Michael, however, is definitely the better gift giver in our relationship than I am.

Thonet 209 Chair Black Styling by ZWEI Design

The secret begins

This year, it all started a few weeks back when Michael began to act rather secretive. Michael and I have unique situation in that live in 45qm, work together,  most of the time drive to work together and nearly all our friends are mutual – making keeping things secretive somewhat difficult. There were days where Michael had to leave early or asked me to come to work late which made me suspicious. Being a good wife, I kept my mouth shut and went along with it.

Michael has this amazing gift of actually hearing what I say and remembering it. Even in situations where I only mentioned something once, and perhaps already forget what I had mentioned it myself. In this case, I had mentioned that I really would love to have a light wood Thonet 209 chair. We already had 4 vintage black Thonet chairs at our dining table – which I do like – but I was ready to lighten up our place a little.

The big reveal – Old becomes new

On the day of our anniversary, Michael surprised me with a beautiful light wood Thonet chair. He fully refurbished it by sanding and redoing the cane weaving. I was so excited about this chair! The chair looks beautiful and I could hardly believe that next to building up a company and another 1000 to-do’s, Michael still found the time to refinish the chair for me. I absolutely love it!

I really loved that element of time; that after 6 years of marriage my gift was an old chair. A chair that needed some TLC, dedication, and motivation to make it look new and beautiful. Also. what a beautiful symbol for marriage.

Close up Stand-up Candle Holder Interior Hoch 2 Collection

Loving the old, loving the new

Every day I find something new in Michael which I love. Something that was maybe hidden or simply unnoticed, something that he worked on, that I decided to love again or learn to love. Marriage is a wonderful thing if you are willing to take the time to look at the “old and imperfect” through the eyes of “love and opportunity.” It is not always easy, but if both take some time to work, renew, redo and/or refinish the (emotional and physical) things that have been a bit neglected, we can see and enjoy the beauty that can come of it and how our hard work will add new value and joy to our home.

I styled this chair with a natural ceramic vase which I love and which compliments the nuances in the light wood perfectly. I also have been loving the look of foraged flower arrangements and been practicing them with flowers I pick from our garden.

One of my absolute favorite florist in that style is PUTNAM & PUTNAM in NY make sure to check out their amazing work!

I absolutely love the new look we are working on in our home an am excited to develop it further.

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