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Madeleine Asplund Klingstedt LINEAIRE collection ZWEI DESIGN

LINEAIRE, minimal furniture design ready for an international stage.

Talking to the creator of LINEAIRE, Madeleine Asplund Klingstedt

In our previous interview: Madeleine Asplund Klingstedt, simply great interior design, I had the chance to get to know the founder and creative mind behind LINEAIRE, Madelaine Asplund Klingstedt. She told me about her personal journey of becoming an interior designer, what inspires her and drives her to create beautiful spaces and objects. In this second half of our interview, I had the chance to ask her more questions about her recently launched furniture line LINEAIRE.


Dear Madelaine, thank you for taking the time again to chat. I would love to know a little bit more about LINEAIRE, how was the idea for LINEAIRE born?

As an interior designer, your job is to find the best, most beautiful pieces for your clients, which can be hard sometimes. Therefore I started adding up all the pieces that I couldn’t find, that fitted my ambition, aesthetic wise or function wise, like room dividers, benches, sideboards, sconce and magazine holders. All of these were products that I couldn’t find. This is why I teamed up with Erik Asplund whom I have been working with for quite a while on different projects, and we decided to do a furniture line with pieces we thought were missing in the market. The LINEAIRE collection has a clean expression, with exclusive details that capture the curiosity of the beholder.



The inspiration for the design was found in the classic 19th-century apartment, with lots of stucco and carpentry. Especially floor and roofing lines have been studied, which resulted in inter alia, the room divider. The vision was to develop a minimalistic, straightforward design with exclusive details that ties the collection together and gives it an international touch.
The spring collection is available in the colors nude, warm light gray, light gray, gray, brown black and the more daring blue. Using the selectable list, you can put a personal touch on your furniture. The horizontal line is a recurring detail of all LINEAIRE products and can be customized to suit the customer’s wishes. The material selection for this list is; Brushed brass or polished aluminum.


Sideboard, warm light grey, photo by Robin Klang, Perspective Studio._via ZWEI Design


We thought that there must be others that are looking for products that have a clean design (with simple lines and where you can see the whole construction) but that also at the same time wants that international look with an exclusive detail (with the line of brass or aluminum).


04. Liten bild Aluminium, massing, ek


As an interior designer, you design something for your client in almost every project. It can be a special table, chair, wardrobe or sideboard, It’s super fun but you never have the last saying. Therefore designing something that I can decide everything about has always been a dream for me.


Can you give me an overview on what to expect regarding your first collection?

Right now there are six different pieces available but these six are available in different sizes and colors. Made out of either hard-wax oiled, valchromat or lacquered MDF. All products have one or more lines of either brass or aluminum. It is up to the customer to choose size, color and brass or aluminum.

The products consist of:
1. The sideboard available in three different sizes. It is perfect for the kitchen, dinner or in the living room. The sideboard is available in three different lengths; 80, 100 and 120 cm. The massive material in the sideboard gives it an exclusive feeling.



2. Our bench is available in three different sizes. The bench is perfect in a small or large hallway, underneath a mirror or simply as it is. the Bench is available in three different lengths; 80, 100 and 120 cm.



3. A pedestal that is available in two different sizes


Lineaire pedestals in nude, warm light gray, photo by Robin Klang, Perspective Studio via ZWEI Design


4. A room divider available in 3 different sizes and. The room divider is used to define a room i.e make a room inside a room, hide an undesirable detail or simply for decoration. With three different heights, 180, 200 and 220 cm, there is a room divider for all types of ceilings, rooms, and needs.


Lineaire, Room divider in nude and aluminum, photo by Robin Klang, Perspective studio_via ZWEI Design


5. A magazine holder. The magazine holder is the simple and elegant way to store and showcase your favorite magazines and books. In addition, the magazine holder itself is a beautiful and decorative detail.


Magazine holder in light grey valchromat and brass. Photo by Gustav Skanby via ZWEI Design


6. A sconce which you can hang on the wall or place on a table or a shelf. Placed hanging on the wall, it gives an exclusive feel and spreads a moody light. Vary by placing it standing on a shelf, a sideboard or a coffee table as a decorative light holder.


04. Liten bild Aluminium, massing, ek


What do you enjoy most while designing and creating both interior and furniture?

A big part of my work is finding inspiration and keeping myself updated on trends, new materials, etc. That is so enjoyable. I love designing because it is so much fun, creative and rewarding.


What has been the challenge starting your own furniture line?

That I was a bit naive. When all the designs were done, I thought all the work was done. But really that was when all the work begun. We had quite a clear view of what we wanted but getting there was tougher and more time consuming than I could ever have imagined. It has taken many prototypes to get the result that we wanted. But at the same time, I have learned a lot.


What are you going to focus on next?

My focus is always on design. But right now I am so in love with our LINEAIRE collection. Designing new pieces for LINEAIRE is definitely my top priority. I also do interior/styling projects, designs for others and of course I always update my blog and Instagram.


Thank you so much for sharing LINEAIRE with us! I am truly excited to see what is to come for you and LINEAIRE. I hope to own one of your beautiful pieces myself soon 🙂


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