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hallo 2017 happy new year via zwei-design.com

Looking back 2016

This year is almost over and I can look back to a year of opportunities, creativity and hard work. When I looking back, I also can look at a year filled with joy, love, appreciation, change and growth.

I am not the kind of person that looks back and hangs on to the good old times. My past is like a treasure chest. A chest where I collect all the beautiful, funny, Loving, unique and valuable moments that build the base of my life and who I will be.

Choose which memories to keep

In this chest I keep the moments where I felt loved, so I remember that I am loved. I keep the moments where I felt joy, so I know that there is happiness in the moments of sadness. I keep the moments of creativity, for those moments where I feel uninspired and empty. I keep the moments of challenge to remember what I have to overcome to grow. I keep the moments of appreciation so I can appreciate myself in moments of self doubt. I keep the moments of beauty so that my soul finds rest. I keep the funny moments to remember that there is nothing more lively than laughter. And I keep the moment of true success, so I don’t forget that only hard work and humbleness result in fulfilling and lasting success.

All these moments make me who I am. I choose what I keep in my treasure chest, to ensure that I can become the person I want to be.

Happy new year 2017 by zwei-design.com

I wish you all a year filled with these moments. Moments that will teach you something, that you can keep and which will remind you who you are and what you were created for.



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