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Madeleine Asplund Klingstedt interior design swedish design product design LINEAIRE via ZWEI Design-11

Madeleine Asplund Klingstedt, simply great interior design

A Swedish interior designer that makes our heart beat faster.

There are a few designers, I secretly wish to hang out with. Usually, these designers not only have a fantastic design aesthetic, they also have that vibe that makes me wanna sit down with them with a good cup of coffee or wine in hand, talking about life, beauty, and design. Madeleine Asplund Klingstedt is such a person. Her eye for trends, her styling, her furniture creations and interior design inspires my creativity every time I see her work.

I took the courage to ask Madeleine if she would be willing to tell me a little bit about herself, her work and her new furniture line LINEAIRE. Luckily she said yes. And, of course, she is super nice, totally open, kind, talented and inspiring. I feel lucky to have gotten to know her and to be able to share with you the interview I had with her.



Dear Madeleine, thank you for taking the time, telling me more about yourself and your furniture line LINEAIRE.

Thank you so much for being interested and giving me the chance!


As a start, tell me a little bit about yourself.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden and work as an interior designer, interior stylist, and product/furniture designer.
The fun thing about my work is that almost none of my days look the same, which I enjoy since I am not a routine kind of person. The only routine I have is that I check my emails and social media every morning and throughout the day and of course doing the financial parts of having a company, which I quite enjoy since I feel smart and like a business girl while I am doing it (haha).

Before I started working I studied Design in NYC, project management at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm and design, technique and finance at KTH, Konstfack and Södertörn in Stockholm.


Where do you draw inspiration from?

I get inspired by the architecture of old cities like Paris and Copenhagen. Furthermore, I get inspired by colors, details, texture… in fashion as well as in nature. I love natural materials like stone and minerals.


styling interior design zwei design Madelaine Klingstedt


Also, countries like France and Italy are, design wise, a big inspiration to me. Always mixed with the minimalistic form that Scandinavia is quite famous for.


moodboard interior design zwei design

One of my favorite designers is Vincenzo De Cotiis. Whenever I see something that he has designed I get jealous and wish that it would have been me who had designed it (haha). His design really is fantastic!


You have been working in interior designer over the past years. What drives you to be an interior designer?

I love beautiful aesthetics and feel good when I am surrounded by them. It’s also so much fun seeing the transformation eg. during a renovation or interior design project. It is amazing to get to see your own or your client’s vision put to life.


project_kitchen interior photo by Henrik Nero zwei design


What do you feel are the essentials for a well-designed room?

I think that it is the mix that makes it well designed. You can have one or two furniture pieces from the same brand/series, but when you mix it up with furniture from different brands that’s when it gets interesting.

Having pieces of art also makes a room feel well-designed, but finding art that suits yourself or others is hard. But it is the Moment, when the furniture, the room itself and the art are coming together – that’s when you get the ”wow” feeling.

I am a sucker for curtains and carpets and I constantly have different carpets on my own wish list. Getting fabrics into a room makes the room ”well dressed” and nice to be in.

The details are also important like the decor in a window or on a shelf, that’s what makes a room interesting. Lighting at different hight’s and in different places of the room is important to make the room work at different times of the day. Dimmable lighting is key. Not a short answer but I hope you get something out of that.


styling Madelaine Klingstedt interior styling via zwei design


How would you describe your style?

If I were to say two words to describe my style it would be a mix of these two: minimalistic and international. Because that is what I strive for with my interior design and furniture design The minimalistic part comes from Scandinavian design, I think, but I love to add some exclusivity like a detail, which makes it feel more International.


project interior kitchen design zwei design


You seem to have quite the entrepreneurial spirit: you have your own blog, work as an interior designer, collaborate with other brands and you just started your own furniture line LINEAIRE. What drives you to discover new areas of creativity? And are you ever afraid of failure?

I never call myself an entrepreneur but I gladly get called that by others so thank you. Some days you can get caught up with ”what if this goes wrong”, ”what if…” but at the end of the day the worst thing that can happen is that you can’t continue with what you are doing and have to focus on something new or on something different. I think it has to do with having quite a good self-esteem but also knowing to try to focus on the fun things and not getting beaten down by all the ”ifs” because there will always be thousands of ifs if you start looking for them.


Thank you so much for answering all my questions about yourself and your work. I really enjoyed getting to know you better. I know there is so much more to talk about so I am happy we had the chance to also talk about your furniture line LINEAIRE in our second Interview.


Madeleine just started her own furniture line LINEAIRE. In the second part of our interview, you can read more about Madeleine bad the design process behind her pieces and LINEAIRE.


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