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Stone grey beige and silver_interior moodboard zwei design

My top 10 grey, white and brass home accessories

Finding interior inspiration

Those of you who, in one way or the other, work in a creative job, know how difficult it can be to separate work and creativity sometime. I do find myself in situations where I’m pretty uninspired and have no desire, what so ever, to continue with the type of creative work I am doing at that time. Even though I love my job and I could not imagine doing anything else, it is essential for me to have different outputs of creativity to stay inspired!

One way for me, to get out of these uninspired moods, is to be hands-on and do something very tactile. A way of creative work where I do not have to think much but rather have to see, feel and try.

My Box of inspiration

That’s why I love to get my “box of inspiration” out of my office shelf. This box contains an ever-growing library of color cards, materials, and small objects that have inspired me to keep them. Those of you who work in a creative field know this process of taking materials, colors and objects and layering them, as creating a mood board. I do create mood boards for clients whenever I do want to engage them in understanding the haptics of their new space. But I also love doing it for myself, without any agenda, simply to “play around” and be inspired.

My top 10 grey, white and brass home accessories inspired by a natural grey and soft tone mood board


minimal black white and grey interior trend wishlist by zwei design


  1. Buckle Jar – Spotted (34) by Ferm Living
  2. Grey Textured linen hand towel ( 35)  by poetry fashion
  3. Forma (€35) by Pfister
  4. Fein Tipping Measure (19) by Ferm Living
  5. TALLOW candle (15) by Ontwerpduo
  6. Collect Lighting (€149) by Ferm Living
  7. AURA TABLE MIRROR ( 66 ) by new works
  8. Pyramid Pillow (€18) by ZWEI Design
  9. Coat disc (€16) by ZWEI Design

    I love this process of creating a mood board, especially whenever it keeps on inspiring me to find objects or to interpret them into a space or product I would like to visualize. In this case I created a list of objects that reflect the mood I felt while playing around with these natural materials and grey and soft tone you can find in my mood board.

    Unterschrift Love Talitha

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