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Pretty clean

Keep it pretty, keep it clean

In 2017 the designer cleaning supplies trend will continue. Brands like L:A BRUKET, Lush and co. have inspired throughout the last years to bring design and aesthetic into the bathroom and daily cleaning routine. In 2017 we are adding fancy softeners, pretty cotton washcloths, handmade soaps and cleaning pearls to the list. Everything that makes cleaning more beautiful is welcome in my house!

pretty clean handmade soap

I love this trend! Since cleaning is not my favorite activity in the world, it is definitely more fun whenever the supplies I am using look beautiful. To my favorite cleaning supplie list I added the fabric softener by Millefiori. This softener comes in a beautiful refill glass bottle, which since it looks so pretty, I have no problem to keep out on display.

pretty clean handmade soap

There are also many easy ways to make ordinary cleaning objects more beautiful. Like handmade soaps (which by the way are not that hard to do, a great tutorial is the all natural coconut soap by Heather Dessinger.) or by filling liquids like mouthwash, and fabric softener in glass bottles.

pretty clean handmade soap


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