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Burned orange and other fall color trends 2018-01

Rustic and powdery colors, orange and other fall color trends

Rediscovering orange

Asking “what’s your favorite color” or even worse “which color do you not like” are quite unfair questions to ask. Sure if you think about color in Categories like red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple you might be able to tell preference. I personally tend to prefer the cooler over the warmer colors. But defining color and especially the liking of a color by these brought categories, makes my designer heart hurt.

Color wheel Inspiration for Interior Design by ZWEI Design

Blue does not equal blue

Whenever consulting a client this broad description of color tends to be a challenge. Often times I hear “I don’t like green” or ” I don’t like yellow”… I don’t want this or that. In these situations I find myself challenged to explain that there are 100 green and yellow tones.

Yellow mood board flat lay by ZWEI Design

It’s my responsibility as an interior designer to show them how they might don’t like one particular blue tone but maybe do like another, they might don’t picture whenever talking about blue. Often this carefully orchestrated plan of discovering color, together with my clients, has paid off. Looking at the variety of color, and especially combining color to bring out the warm or cold nuances a color, can have is such an exciting part of our work.

Did you know, there are warm blue tones and cool red tones? Where are the boundaries between green and yellow? Does the color white on a wall really doesn’t “count” as a color? Discovering color is exciting! Especially if you discover a color you thought is an absolute no-go and fall in love with it.

We have fallen in love with orange

I am pretty sure that orange is one of the most “disliked” colors there is. I would even go that far to include me in the “dislike category”. I would never instinctively pick orange for an interior or as a decor element. This was until stumbling upon a beautiful rustic or burned orange fabric at one of my fabric hunts. I couldn’t get over that color and found myself, again and again, passing by the roll of fabric in the store. I had to purchase it and make a burned orange version Pyramid pillow with it.

ZWEI Design burnt orange Pyramid Pillow

The rustic fall color trend

Thanks to this orange tone our love for a rustic and slightly powdery and dusty color palette was born. Especially in a fall setting these colors feel and look natural, calm and serene. I love how a different nuance or shade of a color can be a surprise and excite us all over again!

Closing argument for color

I close this blog post with the encouragement to not be afraid of color! Be surprised and discover the variety within the categories of color you think you do not like

Unterschrift Love Talitha

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