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Know your space, create the right atmosphere – Part 5

Design for the right type of space!

As we have already talked about in previous posts, understanding and archiving the right atmosphere is quite a complex matter. Even more so, if we look at space itself.

If we want to understand Space we should know that there are four different areas of spaces we can create an atmosphere for. Public, Semi Public, Semiprivate and Private areas. Each of these areas will communicate a clear message to ashore that there purpose will be understood. Public areas are usually nature or areas that don’t „belong“ to anyone, which in all honesty is pretty much never the case. Even parks or Woods belong to the State, and will have certain rules and expect certain behaviors when using these areas. The big difference here is, that no one necessarily created or added something to this space, and there won’t be a direct control on behavior.

piblic space park
piblic space

Semi Public areas are areas where we intentionally enter someone else’s property like train station, airports, city building etc. These areas create an atmosphere for us to understand how to use and behave in these environments.

semi public space

Semi private area are usually establishment that we expect services and are willing to dive into a world that indicates clearly what behaviors is expected. Like restaurants, stores, theater or our work environment. And last, the

privat space
semi privat space

private area. This area is in someway the most complex because it usually serves our individual needs. We create these areas to feel and behave a certain way. We make these areas our home!

scandinavian space
privat space

To summit all up, when we want to create an atmosphere we need to:

  1. Know what kind of space we work with Public, Semi Public, Semiprivate and Private areas.
  2. We need to think about who the people are we engaged with within that space. What will the attended atmosphere be and how could the atmosphere be perceived ? Therefore it is important to think about what expectation will people have, what previous knowledge will they bring and what cultural background will be theirs?
  3. Than we need to think on what we want to communicate. We need to address all senses with a consistent form of communication sight, sound, scent and touch all need to speak the same language.
  4. And last but definitely not least “Character and identity of a space”. The purpose of any atmosphere is to create a unique and suiting personality which reflect the intended values, implies right behavior and leaves an lasting impression.If we use these points as guidelines, the success of creating the right atmosphere seems not as unlikely after all.

I hope this series about atmosphere was informative and presented some valuable information on how to create the right atmosphere for your space.




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