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AC Globe Lamp Blue and Brass Waterfall

Textures and reflection by ZWEI Design

Design Inspired by nature

Our first editorial Photoshoot was inspired by the textures and reflections that nature provides. The backdrop for this photoshoot is the hinterland of the Swiss mountains. Growing up in this area I always have turned to nature as a source of inspiration. It seemed like a given to use this backdrop to showcase our ZWEI Design Home Collection in this environment, rich of texture and color.

B-A-L Table blue reflection

A different approach to product photography

We simply wanted to try something creative and have fun with this photoshoot, using the resources that are available to us. As we are just starting out as an Interior and Product Design brand, budget, time and resources are very limited. However, these limitations can also serve as a source of inspiration. We don’t have stunning 4m high ceiling apartment with amazing hardwood floors available. Additionally, we also don’t have the budget to plan and create amazing sets for a photoshoots. What we do have, however, is a willingness to try, grow and use the resources and environment available to us.

I actually think there is a beauty in growing into a brand. Starting out small, knowing there is room to grow; and the occasional trial and error. Not everything we do is perfect but everything we do is the best we can do at that given point.

Being surrounded by amazing, perfect and highly orchestrated brands and visual inspiration via social media and the internet sometimes is quite daunting. It even can be discouraging. That’s why I love sharing all the steps of our journey. How we develop, grow and learn.

Our first editorial photoshoot was definitely such a growing experience. The results are unique and different. We had fun even though we did not exactly know how everything would turn out before we started. But we are thrilled with the results!

Let us know what you think!

We would love to hear what you think about our first editorial photoshoot. We hope we can inspire you to go out there and try out something new. Regardless if the turnout isn’t exactly what you imagined. Every step, every tryout means growth. And growth is what ultimately brings longterm satisfaction.

Unterschrift Love Talitha

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