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Pink Stand-up Candle Holder and flower tulip arrangement banner

The perfect flower arrangement

Sharing the joy of having a fresh flower arrangement at home

This blog post literally has no other purpose than visually sharing my joy of receiving the most beautiful flower arrangement with you! But bevor I do, there is a little backstory…
Flower arrangement

Being sick. Isn’t it the worst?!

It’s not often I do get sick, and whenever I am, I tend to not take my sickness very seriously. Generally, my preferred approach to fight a sickness is to ignore it as good as I can. I’m sure many of you can relate. Then there is nothing I hate more than being forced to stay in bed and to be doing nothing.

Regardless, a few weeks back, I got very sick. It actually turned out to be quite scary. I had symptoms which no doctor really knew how to describe. I felt week in a way I haven’t felt bevor and did realized that I had to take my body seriously this time. I really had to stay in bed and take a break … not easy I tell you! The sun was shining and the first signs of spring were showing. And I, well there was nothing I could do…

Forced to be Laying in bed I did feel quite sorry for my self. Thinking of all the things I could do. All the moments I was missing out. but then, I heard the doorbell ring and a car driving away. Slowly I got out of bed and dragged myself to the door. To my delight in front, I found the most beautiful fresh cut flowers you can imagine. This might sound overexaggerated but really… these were the most beautiful tulips.
Flower arrangement by ZWEI Design

Flowers the best medicine for the soul.

Someone know exactly what I needed to feel better. Being a visual person the beauty of natures, color and texture all are elements that are like medicine for my soul. These flowers brought so much joy into my sick days that I simply had to share them with you!
Flower arrangement by ZWEI DesignFlower arrangement by ZWEI Design
I hope the next time you are feeling sick someone is thinking of you and is bringing you some fresh flowers to enjoy. Or if you are fit enough, go out and buy some for your self, because they really are like a drop of medicine for your soul.
Unterschrift Love Talitha

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