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green velvet tan interior

The room I would create right now | P1

Looking for Interior design inspiration

I am the kind of person that after a stressful day of work, likes to go into a Design Studio or furniture store to browse around and be inspired.


Since I live, breath and love Interior design, ever time I see a piece that inspires me, my imagination immediately created combinations or set-ups that I would like to create.


Obviously most of these ideas stay ideas. This is why just for my own enjoyment (and hopefully a little but your enjoy ment as well) I’ve created the series “the room I would create right now”. This series is an inside into the objects that inspire my daily.

Tan, Green & Brass

Todays room is inspired by Soft nude colors, strong natural green tones and luxurious brass.

green velvet tan interior


Create the look


If you got inspired by this look here are the elements that created this design.
Interior design product collection_nude brass and green velvet


  1. Velvet Curtain by West elm
  2. STOCKHOLM Chair by IKEA
  3. Multi-Lite Pendant by GUBI
  4. Gamfratesi TS Table by GUBI
  6. Floating leaf by ZWEI

I hope my inspiration inspired you!

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