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flatlay kitchen interior pink marble

Tips on how to create a colorful kitchen

What is your favorite color? Do you prefer a lot of colors or do you like more subtle and neutral shades? Do you like earth tones or bright and vibrant hues? Regardless of your preference, we all live in an extremely colorful world. Our world expresses itself through color in the most beautiful and complex ways. It shows us the calm whites and grey tones of winter to the pastel shades of Spring to the vibrant lush greens of summer and of course the beautiful reds, browns and gold tones of autumn.

Colour is also a tool of personal expression. The colors we choose for our clothing and homes are a direct expression of our personality, mood and preferences. Many of us, however, are scared to use expressive colors in our homes. We often turn to a default colours like off-white, greys and beiges and maybe use an accent pillow or blanket to add some personality. Interestingly, when many of us enter into a bold or colorful space, we are often inspired or wish we were bold enough to use it in our own homes.

flatlay kitchen interior pink marble

Bringing color into our client’s homes.

The topic of color is a very sensitive subject when working with clients. We rarely have a client that seems too comfortable with color or at least choosing a color. We always find these moments quite amusing because we can sense how much our clients long for more personality and excitement within their home, but somehow are afraid to use color as a tool to express themselves. “What if I don’t like that color anymore in a few years?” “What if the color makes the room smaller?” “Is the color too loud?” “Does the color fit with our cabinets, couch, floor,…?” The result? Beige rooms with a brightly colored pillow instead.

But truthfully, we can absolutely understand that someone with little to no experience in color theory, choosing a color with confidence can be a huge challenge. That’s why we like to give our clients a few practical tips when choosing a colour.

rose kitchen design Memphis kitchen interior

The Colourful kitchen

The kitchen is the notorious stepchild when it comes to adding or choosing a colour. The kitchens we see most in our clients’ homes are white, wood and/or grey. When installing a new kitchen, our client also generally ask for white, wood and/or grey. Does that sound like that might also be you?

We at ZWEI Design believe that the kitchen is a great opportunity to choose and use color. The kitchen is where life, joy, stress and many other emotions happen on a daily basis. It is where meals are being prepared, parties are being held and laughter is being heard.

The modern home sees the kitchen as the centre of the home anyway, so why not use this space to showcase our personality?

flatlay kitchen interior pink marble

How to choose the right colour for you kitchen

So you want to add colour? Easier said than done. Don’t worry, here are some helpful tips:

The design

When designing a colourful kitchen we encourage our clients to choose a main colour and use that as the foundation for the entire space. Select a few shades of that colour to break up the monotony. For example, paint the cabinet base a shade or two darker than the cabinet fronts.

interior marble kitchen pink gold close up

From there, it is important to find a natural material to balance the boldness of the color. We chose the CALACATTA LIGHT countertop with a built-in sink by SapienStone as our luxurious yet neutral surface.

Up next, we need to find some accent colors. To underline the freshness of that pink we decided to add splashes of mustard yellow to create an almost summery vibe. Most people haven’t studied color theory, so to help with inspiration, try an online color calculator like this one: These are great yet simple tools to help you find your perfect accent color.

To finish the space off, we wanted to contrast the playfulness of the pinks and yellows. To do this we simply selected elegant brass and silver details and used it throughout.

When it comes to color, it’s all about balance, but have fun with it! It is meant to add joy, excitement and personality to your home. Embrace it!


  • AD/ This blogpost is written in cooperation and sponsored by SapienStone

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