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ZWEI Design and Michiel Bosman

AC globe lamp and Stand-up candle holder

This is our  story about our AC globe table lamp in chrome with a white stained beechwood and nickel Stand-up candleholder, trough the eyes of the talented stylist and photographer Michiel Bosman.

Meeting Michiel

We first came across Michiels work online. We fell in love with his natural and textured styling and photography. Us both having a creative background we immediately connected and our first photo cooperation was born.

Michiel Bosman and ZWEI Design AC Globe Lamp Natural and Chrome

Michiel is a design and art lover and a visual storyteller. He keeps inspiring us with his Design finds and Art inspirations. He lives with his partner Thomas in Utrecht and studied visual therapy. He has a unique understanding of how Art and design can speak directly to the soul. His eye for aesthetic has a calm and soothing effect on us. These qualities made us wanna work with Michiel and we could not be happier about the results.

If you are interested in our AC globe lamp or Stand-up candle holder you can find more information on our shop page.

Unterschrift Love Talitha

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