Grey Coat Discs (Set of 3)


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Our Coat Discs are the ideal alternative to a conventional wardrobe. The discs can be arranged on the wall according to personal taste. By offering varying sizes and colours, you can create your own dynamic and individualised wall installation. Let your creativity shine!

Disc Colour: Light Grey

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Additional information

Weight 493 g
Dimensions 260 × 165 × 100 mm

Powder coated steel

Disc Size (in cm)

6, 9

Disc Colour

Light Grey

Wood Shape

Cylinder, Frustum, Sphere

Wood Colour


Set includes

1 x Ø90mm with Sphere, 1 x Ø60mm with Cylinder and 1 x Ø60mm with Frustum


Care instructions

Care instructions

Our brass Coat Discs are coated with a clear cellulose lacquer to help protect it against oxidation. However, because brass is a compound of natural materials, we suggest you polish it every few months with a dry polishing cloth to keep its shine. If desired, you can also apply another coat of cellulose lacquer after polishing. Powder-coated surfaces should be cleaned with aqueous solutions made from pH-neutral (pH 5-8) detergents or cleaning products and soft, non-abrasive cloths, rags or industrial cotton batting. Always clean metal surfaces gently and without scrubbing so that the surface is not scratched. Never use cleaners containing granular substances, acetic acid or citric acid.





Steel: Ø90mm and Ø60mm
Brass: Ø120mm, Ø90mm, Ø60mm und Ø45mm

Depth Including screw: 52mm
After installation: 28mm

Coat Discs Technical Data

Informational materials

Informational materials

File Language File
Product information sheet EN PDF, 122 KB Download
General Care Instructions multilingual PDF, 90 KB Download

Sculptural silhouettes

Let’s be honest, oversized wall hooks aren’t exactly new and come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Until now, designers have focused only on the front view. While seemingly insignificant, the side profile can add a sculptural impact to your space. It might not be the first thing noticed, but definitely adds a bit more personality to any space.

ZWEI Design Coat Discs Mixed Set
ZWEI Design Magnetic Coast Discs

Magnetic personality

All coloured Coat Discs are magnetic, making them perfect to add personality to your room or even share a bit of love. Easily hang up “I ♥ U” notes, photos of your family and friends, postcards from your travels or important to-dos so your partner doesn’t forget to bring home bread.

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