ZWEI Logo Ornament


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Due to the overwhelming amount of compliments received on the ZWEI logo, Talitha and Michael have decided to turn it into a Christmas ornament for you to enjoy at home. They hope you enjoy your ZWEI logo ornament as much as they enjoyed designing it. Happy holidays!

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Weight42 g
Dimensions105 × 148 × 3 mm

Multiplex Plywood




Heightapprox. 50mm
Widthapprox 50mm

Informational materials

Informational materials

General Care InstructionsmultilingualPDF, 90 KBDownload

The story behind the logo

Made of two number 2s that come together to form a duck, the ZWEI Design logo merges the simplicity and sense of humour of Talitha and Michael. It may seem silly, but the story is even sillier. Talitha started the logo design process by trying to create a typographical logo out of 2s that could also be used to create a pattern, much like the logos of  Findi or Louis Vuitton. While she came up with several good ideas, her husband and partner, Michael, couldn’t identify with any of them except for one, Talitha’s least favourite version – a version that somewhat resembled a duck’s head and beak. They had a good laugh and, for fun, decided to make the duck more distinguishable by adding a body and tail. They enjoyed the process and the result so much they simply decided to keep it. And that is that. They story of the ZWEI logo. No big hidden meanings or ideas. Simply a sense of humour and a bit of fun.

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