ZWEI Home Collection

ZWEI Home Collection

Objects humble enough to sit alongside other design, yet ambitious enough to stand alone.

Talitha and Michael strive to make elegant objects that will hold their ground when alone, yet effortlessly sit in harmony with other well-known and beautiful designs. Their objects are based on clean, straightforward shapes; bold outlines and thoughtful use of materials. With this in mind, the design duo strives to create effortless, long-lasting design, in both their aesthetic and construction; objects that won’t go out of style and can last a lifetime. Their desire is to establish a product portfolio which speaks to varying tastes, yet live in harmony with each other and their surroundings.

B-A-L Occasional Table

ZWEI Design B-A-L Occasional Table 10
ZWEI Design B-A-L Occasional Table B6
ZWEI Design B-A-L Occasional Table 6
ZWEI Design AC Globe Lamp Blue and Brass in windowsill with the Stand-up Candle Holder

AC Globe Table Lamp

The AC Globe Table Lamp is the first design by design duo Talitha and Michael Bainbridge and was conceived in 2016. Inspired by the clear and graphic forms of the Art Deco era, the AC Globe Table Lamp combines the luxury of high-quality materials with classic shapes. It consists of a solid hand-turned beechwood base, a brass or chrome-plated neck and a mouth-blown, satin-finished opal glass shade.

ZWEI Design Chevron Coasters Banner Image

Chevron Coasters

Build an endless chevron pattern on which to place larger items. Use one for smaller items.

Silk Panels

Textile art has been a part of interior design throughout the ages. Talitha and Michael’s enthusiasm and love for quality, natural materials like silk led them to ask, “Can the raw beauty of natural silk itself be art?”

Inspired by the work of Mark Rothko, the design duo created wall panels that are rich in texture and inspiring in colour. The natural structure and noble glamour of silk are qualities of which they never tire and could look at for hours.

Their Silk Wall Panels are made with 100% natural silk and create the right amount of visual interest & atmosphere in any space; whether it be at home of the office.

ZWEI Design Silk Panels
ZWEI Design Pyramid Triangle Pillows Etsy

Pyramid Pillows

Available in varying colours.
New colours added seasonally.

Stand-up Candle Holder

ZWEI Design Stand-up Candle Holder with Donuts Brass Silver Nickel

Coat Discs

ZWEI Design Coat Discs Mixed Side View

When creating objects to fill a space, its important for Talitha and Michael to first understand space itself. As interior designers their philosophy for space goes beyond the layers of aesthetic, taste and style. They believe space should create a sense of belonging, meet the needs of those using it and have a personality, inviting people to interact with and explore it. With these underlying principles in mind, they create special pieces that always say “You’re home.”

ZWEI Design B-A-L Occasional Table with AC Globe Table Lamp and Vitra Eames Lounge Chair

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