We're nearly there!

Our first ZWEI Design collection is almost finished. Below you will find pictures of all our prototyped designs. As soon as all designs have been finalised, we will update the site with professional photos for you to gain an even better feel for what we are creating and how these pieces have been designed to interact with each other. Sign up for our newsletter to be among the first to see the fully finished products. Cheers, Talitha and Michael

"Anna Christine" Table Lamp

Our lamp is nearly ready to be sold! We are currently figuring out the final legal details. Let us tell you, when working with electrical elements, the to-do is long and tiring. It is taking real determination to get this product out to the market.

Brass Coat Discs

Coat Discs

Our Coat Disks are perfect to hang nearly anything on; coats, umbrellas, bags, interesting finds, you name it! Let your creativity shine by arranging them on a wall to create your own custom designed wall sculptures. We have finalised the prototypes and are nearly ready to start production.

"Pollock" Clock

Our clock is inspired by the art of renowned abstract impressionist Jackson Pollock. With white as the backdrop, we created this modern and minimalistic interpretation by splattering a singular colour onto the clock face. We offer two variations of this clock; with and without composition gold leaf detailing.

Wild Side Silk Wall Art

"Wild Side" Wall Art

Here is the newest addition to our collection. These beautifully elegant pieces of wall art are 100% natural dyed wild silk. They are as beautiful to look at as they are to touch. The silk is hand stretched around wood frames and are a perfect way to a pop of colour and texture to your home. Stay tuned for more colours, combinations, and designs!

"Break a Leg" Side Table

You could break nearly all the legs on this table and it would still stand! This picture shows our very first prototype for this table. We have been living with it for about a month now to see what modifications need to be made. We have already made several changes included more brass detailing and a thinner table top. We should be receiving our newest prototype soon! Stay tuned for updates!

Oversized Paperclip

These hand bent, oversized brass paperclips are perfect to keep you organised or save your spot. They come in two sizes (around 15cm and 20cm long). In our house, we use the small paperclip to keep our bills and mail together in a stylish way and we use large ones to hold our place in the latest design magazine we are reading.